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Tree Services in Hilton Head area

Tree removal

Tony’s Tree Service provides a wide variety of services for homes and businesses in the Hilton Head area. Tony provides a variety of tree services. He works with many species such as pine trees, oaks, dogwoods, holly and palm trees.

Tree Trimming

If you have a tree with overgrown branches that get in the way of your home or yard, we can clear the way. If dead branches are worrying you, we can make your yard safe again. If you just want to clean up a tree to make it look more uniform, we offer tree trimming services to meet your needs. From removing small sections of branches to reshaping large sections of multiple trees, we customize our services for your property.

Stump Removal

Many tree services include the removal of the tree, but they leave the stump behind. A tree stump can be an eyesore, get in the way of yard activities, or interfere with lawn mowing equipment. If you have a stump you need to get rid of, Tony’s Tree Service offers stump removal.

Tree Removal

If you have a tree or multiple trees that need to be removed due to tree disease, land development purposes, or personal land use goals (such as installing a pool or garden), we remove trees completely from your property in a safe, efficient manner. Tony knows how to fall trees away from homes and buildings and he and his crew clean up the area completely when they’re finished.

Storm Cleanup

When debris is left behind by a storm or previous yard work services, call Tony’s Tree Service for on-site cleanup. We can haul away any amount of storm debris and get your yard looking neat and pristine again in no time.

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